[Wojtek Gumuła]

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About me

My name is Wojtek and I am a software engineer from Kraków, Poland. You have come to my personal website of sort.

I got insterested in computer science when I was a teenager and I never quit. Currently working full-time as a C++ developer, my interests include modern C++ and a bunch of other langauges (like Python and Rust), Linux, high performance applications and embedded designs. I am also a fan of drinking coffee, reading and playing chess badly.

Find me @github, @linkedin or via mail.

Personal projects

Located here are summaries of projects I worked on in recent years. Most of them are supported by links to further reading or source code.

Master's thesis - The use of the Linux operating system in embedded vision systems implemented on the Zynq platform

Designing real-time image processing applications for FPGA and ARM platforms. Research in field of Zynq platform with the main purpose of utilizing its capabilities in vision system applications. Combine FPGA and CPU advantages to build reliable applications with high throughput.

Paper (in polish). Source code.

Engineer's thesis - Algorithm for vehicle axles detection based on inductive profiles

High performance, scalable algorithm implemented for Linux embedded systems with C and Python languages.

Paper (in polish). Source code.

Shortest path problem in public transport

Combining public transport schedules with geolocation data for high performance path optimization using C++ and Qt library.

Report (in polish). Source code.

ECG signal classification algorithm based on Extended Nearest Neighbours method

High performance classification algorithm, developed in Matlab and C++ environment, integrated with Eigen and OpenMP libraries for best results.

Source code and report.

Vision system for heart rate estimation — Real-time remote algorithm.

Heart rate estimation method based on video input of human skin. Application based on Kalman and FIR filters.

Source code.